SaltyShrimp - Black Water Powder SE/Fulvin+ 130g

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Black Water Powder
 is a blend of valuable trace elements, as well as humic and fulvic acids with a variety of beneficial properties for your aquarium and its inhabitants. It reduces stress and strengthens the immune system of the aquarium inhabitants, protects against dangerous pH drops, reduces the risk of ammonia, binds heavy metals, reduces the (bacterial) bacterial load (Aeromonas and Pseudomonas spp.) On internal organs, reduces algae growth, even at lower Concentration preventive with infectious diseases by fungal infestation, creates crystal clear water ... and much more. 

Instructions for use
Simply sprinkle the appropriate amount onto the water surface. Black Water Powderis readily soluble in water under all pH conditions. Please note that there is a temporary brown turbidity of the water, which turns into crystal clear water within a short time. If the water turbidity persists for several days, please check the filter or reduce dosage if necessary. 

Depending on the stocking strength weekly approx. 1g to 50 liters of water. 
Measuring spoon mark 1ml = 0.5g / 2ml = 1g. 

• 130 g (sufficient for approx. 6500 l) 
• Measuring spoon included 
 Resealable screw-on container